Plane Carry On Bag for Toddler

plane bag poster

My family is traveling to Walt Disney World in just a little over four weeks and so I have been putting some thought into packing for the trip. With work, kids, and the home to keep up with, planned trips always seem to sneak up on us and therefore packing can become rushed. Packing that was done hurriedly usually results in us forgetting several items at home. Not so bad when I forget a hairbrush but could be problematic if I overlooked packing the kids’ sunhats!

While we usually drive as it is WAY more cost effective (keep posted for driving on a budget), this year we are flying now that we have an extra traveler joining us: Baby Charley. With an infant and twin two-year olds, we decided to get there- and fast! Here is what I decided to put together for the toddlers’ backpacks. More to come on my essentials and the diaper bag.



Here are some things that I decided to include in their toddler backpacks. A year ago, I probably would have kept their things in my bag, but now that they will be almost three by the time we travel, I thought they would enjoy taking ownership of their things. An added bonus is that if you fly on an airline where your seats aren’t secure and your family doesn’t end up finding seats together, your children won’t have to be split up from their things. Plus, if they can carry their items in a toddler-sized backpack, it frees up some space for my light reading material and the baby things. Oh, who am I kidding- I will get no reading done on this plane ride!

NOTE: Most of these items are really slender and thus, can be packed more easily in the backpack compared to more bulky items. The great thing about the twins being a little older than the last time that we flew is that they can read and turn regular book pages so we don’t have to bring a bunch of bulky board books. There is a solution to baby board books- more on that on my baby bag post. 

  1. Snack: Be prepared and bring something easy (no liquids or sauce) that can be taken through security. Sure, your can always get things through security but I never want to make an assumption when it involves access to buying snacks and having potentially cranky toddlers. Since we are going to Disney World, I found cute Mickey bags of dehydrated fruit. Snack bars and crackers would also be good choices!
  2. Zippered or ziptop bag: I like to throw one of these in the backpack for any loose crayons, snack, etc. that need a bag to go in.
  3. Child-sized headset: While I like to pack several options that could keep my children busy in addition to electronics, eventually I’m going to be putting Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the iPad, let’s face it.
  4. Invisible Ink coloring pad: These are usually found in a store that sells coloring books. I like these even better than the kits that have several markers with invisible ink that mark different colors. While those are really nice for a longer travel, there are too many markers to keep track of. This Invisible Ink pad just comes with the one marker which activates different colors on different elements of each page, like magic. DONE!
  5. Mini Doodle Board: These are great because there is a small drawing stylus attached to the board with a cord. Draw, erase, repeat. Here is a two pack from Amazon:
  6. Play Pack: I got this one from a bargain bin at Target, but I think you can also find packs like that at the Dollar Tree. It includes a mini coloring book, a few crayons, and some stickers. Store this in their plastic bag!
  7. Magazines and subscription books: Lots of colorful pages to look at, short stories, picture finds, etc. Slim enough to slide into a toddler backpack.
  8. Look and Find book: Sometimes these are thick books, but I ordered mine through Scholastic in paperback. Same as magazines, lots of things to look for, talk about, etc.
  9. Coloring book: Use the crayons from the Play Pack or bring a small baggie of additional crayons.

There it is. Hopefully these things can keep our kiddos busy enough while we wait in the airport, fly down, and then take the Magical Express to our resort. If not, we can always bribe them with ice cream Mickey ears…



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